anddreas magic
September 21, 2014


Astound & entertain your guests with an interactive magical experience

A magnificent way to entertain at the next big number which will have your guests talking about you.
Transform your birthday into a mind blowing experience! An awe-inspiring display of impossible feats full of wonder and surprise.

Your Guest of Honour will be celebrated in a special final illusion performance s/he will remember forever with delight.

Guaranteed to impress and inspire your audience , magic performed in both a classy and tasteful manner. Tons of hilarious audience participation, natural in art of crowd-pleasing, guests are treated will sheer respect , without embarrassment to anyone.

Your companions will leave mystified and happy beyond belief. Anddreas will work with you to design a great experience for you and your guests, and make it a success.

What type of magic you think would best complement your occasion ?

Duration : 60 Minutes Of High Energy Magic!

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