anddreas magic
September 21, 2014


Turn waiting time into entertainment on your special day

There can be a lot of waiting around time when the food is being served, the photos are being taken and when the bride and groom arrive at the reception.
Stop guests from becoming restless during the down times and dead spots.
Anddreas will greet, mingle and entertain your guests, a great way to bring people together to open up laugh and break the ice.
The stage act is a beautiful elegant performance with impressive magic, special effects and powerful music all wrapped up into one extraordinary package.

Treat your guests to an amazing performance of magic as part of the entertainment.

Duration: 2 Hours
100 Minutes Of Close – Up Strolling Table Magic PLUS 20 Minute Stage Act


Difficult to get everyone mixing and socialising? Anddreas is skilled at breaking down these barriers and bringing people together through the wonderful art of Magic. Approachable, dependable, polite, friendly, relaxed which puts people at ease. setting a fun and astonishing vibe.

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