anddreas magic
September 21, 2014


Transform your event into a unique magic occasion

A splendid ice-breaker to create a magical atmosphere at any function, this involves mixing and mingling with your clients, friends and family at your event, creating close-up ‘miracles’ right before their eyes, strolling through the crowd and tables using no large props and yet conjuring the impossible.
Watch your friends and guests faces light up because of the magical entertainment experience.

A clever, inexpensive way to bring entertainment to a large group with no additional equipment, and well-suited to both quiet and loud environments.
A huge variety of fabulous world class close-up magic with many diverse effects which are adapted to suit the audience at hand.
From skilful manipulation of objects to telekinesis and mind reading, Anddreas will help add excitement and invoke a magical atmosphere for all to reminisce about for years to come.

Suitable for any event looking for that added feature that will make the occasion unforgettable and a smashing success.

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