anddreas magic
January 30, 2017


The stand up stage show is as amusing as it is mesmerising, audiences are transported to entirely new realms of wonder where you will witness Anddreas perform a variety of levitations, teleportations, throw magical fireballs, vanish objects, or materialise a dove or rose from thin air.

It’s loaded with fascinating illusions full of fun and excitement. Each performance is special and will leave the audience shaking their heads in disbelief and smiling after they witness and participate in the magic throughout the show.

It can also be seen on a smaller parlour or cabaret platform.

It may be a wedding, seminar or product launch. He can appear ( of course he can he is a magician ) at Expo Exhibition Trade Shows attracting crowds to the presentation stand giving them customised product related entertainment whilst driving home an important message. Presentations combine traditional illusions with the latest technology.

With over 20 years of professional communication experience, rest assured Anddreas strengthens public understanding of your business with the spellbinding magical spotlight highlighting and promoting your mission, products or services, raising issues and awareness to the forefront of the community, nation or world and engaging with your clients in new and exciting ways.

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