anddreas magic
October 5, 2014


Anddreas is a Sydney-born magical entertainer who performs close up, cabaret, and stage magic for all occasions in any location.

Dating back to childhood the mysterious world of magic was a deep passion for Anddreas, and coupled with the fascination of the unknown, it was sought out and the truth hunted down. As a paranormal enthusiast and magical collector he performs and shares the art of magic with the world.

Today his knowledge of magic in its various aspects is acclaimed by many and his versatility allows him to perform as either a magician, mentalist or theatrical illusionist. A sophisticated and suave man of mystery Anddreas also offers a complimentary ‘personal reading’ for all birthday packages.

Anddreas brings the classic ancient and modern, the old and new magic together, and adds blends his own style and allure to each of the performances.

Anddreas’ touch of magic is sure to delight any audience, you will experience a roller-coaster of emotions, you may be glued tight to your seat, jump out of your seat, fall out of your seat laughing or magically captivated to stare in awe and marvel.

With an amazing array of wonders he will create a fun and exhilarating spectacle that the whole family can enjoy.

Forget your troubles for a while, suspend your disbeliefs for a few short moments, and enter a world of magical wonder.

A fantastic talking point at any event!

* Award Ceremonies *                                                                               * Resorts & Casinos *

* Charity & Fundraiser Events *                                                                  * Cruise Ships *

* Kids & Adult Birthday Parties *                                                          * Pubs & Restaurants *

* Corporate Meetings & Lunches *                                                               * Reunions *

* Engagements & Weddings *                                                                     * Schools & Fetes *

* Expos & Trade Shows *                                                                              * Conferences *

* VIP Welcome Drink Events *                                               * Corporate Meetings & Lunches *

* Nightclub Entertainment *                                                                           * Libraries *

* Product Launches & Promotions *                                                 * Hotels & Cocktail Bars *

*  Work Picnics & Christmas Parties *                                         * Hens + Bucks Nights /Days *

* Graduation Dinners & Uni Balls *                                                        * Day Care Centres *

* Anniversary Celebrations *                                                                        * Christenings *

* Plazas & Shopping Centres *                                                                   * Hospitality Suites *


Add these powerful memories to your next important event. He will open the door separating what is real from what is imaginary. Experience one of the most incredible, innovative form of magical entertainment through the hands of Anddreas!


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